Monday, October 10, 2011

Ways to Enjoy the Waters of the Colorado River

Las Vegas is situated close to three states, Arizona, Nevada and California. The city offers a great deal of excitement and entertainment to the tourists including hotels, trips to the structural heritage like the Hoover Dam tours, thrilling trips over the Grand Canyon and the Stratosphere tower with its adventurous rides.

The mighty Colorado River was once causing a great deal of destruction, either with its waters flooding into the surrounding areas or drying up. The river has now been tamed with the Hoover Dam that has been a structural and technical wonder for centuries. The Lake Mead is the man-made lake of the Hoover Dam and waters from the rainy days are stored here to be used during the dry months.

These waters of the Colorado river and Lake Mead can be enjoyed in various ways. Various tour operators offer different kinds of rides for individuals and family or groups. The ride through the desert is in a Hummer for the guest reach the point of boarding a water vehicle.

The jet-ski tour is for individuals, couples or an adult with a child over 5 years. The jet-skiing is the return trip to the civilization across the huge lake. The raft trip is 11 miles long on a pontoon raft and is slow enough for the guest to catch a glimpse of the bighorn sheep and popular hot springs. The trip ends at the Expedition Depot, where the visitor will be picked up in a Hummer Desert Exploration vehicles to ride into the Frenchmen Mountains to the Lizard Eye Ridge.

The Jet Boats offer exciting rides, traveling thirty miles down the Colorado river, along the white sand beaches. Jet boat trips offer a ride through the transcontinental highway, Route 66, and then over to the mountains of the desert. It also includes a trip to the Lake Havasu and its famous London Bridge, traveling through the states of California, Arizona and Nevada.


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