Monday, October 17, 2011

Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

I felt the other day a potential customer. He had been unemployed for several months, so I asked him how he had to drive everywhere. He said he had received a loan from a family member, but he did not want to incorporate it into bankruptcy.

I took a deep breath and finished, I knew what would happen. I told him that the Bankruptcy Code requires the debtor to list all assets and liabilities of the petition, and that she did not leave out of this loan. "How do they know," he said. I explained that insolvency proceedings are very experienced in looking at petitions. The petitions are the images of the economic life of the people. Photos will make sense. "If I have a question about how you can support in recent months, so is the guardian," I said. The trustee is going to want to know how he paid the bill, if they are unemployed.

The important thing is that you must follow the golden rule of bankruptcy: to reveal, disclose, disclose. The code requires. I must respect. In return for fresh financial start and not have to worry about control supervisor. We will win a hand that shows that we have something to hide.

If you can not reveal everything, you risk having your case dismissed. This means that if you filed for bankruptcy to stop creditors from harassing you or garnish your wages, they get a second chance to do just that. It can also be a risk of prosecution for lying to the Court and the risk of fines and imprisonment, all that could cope with failure following is a golden rule.

I met a client for a couple of weeks ago. I have not heard from him since. I hope that has yet to assess whether a file and go to another lawyer, who according to him this information.


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